Monday, August 16, 2010

Say "goodbye" to summer

Here's my montage to summer. We had a really busy season at home this year. We moved, bought a new car, went on vacation and did LOTS of gardening!!!
Check it out:

This is our new house! A far cry from our three bedroom town house. We love all the extra space and the huge yard.
All of our friends were nice enough to come help us move. I was embraced to admit that half the truck was fboriginals supplies for my studio. The guys kept giving me looks cause the new space is on the third floor! Sorry guys:)
I love my new studio. The former owners had painted it a lovely shade of lavender, and it has a built in ceiling fan! yay, I hate a stuffy studio!
So our first order of business in the house was to start planting, we didn't want to miss the growing season. I new all along I wanted a cutting garden, so I built a raised bed behind the old shed in the back and turned the whole area into the picnic area.
We found some great garden lights at the home store, and strung them up the night before our big memorial day picnic. I was so excited that the shed has power. We were even able to hook up speakers and get music for the party!
Next day we had a great time, fired up the grill and ate way to much food!

A friend was nice enough to bring a Crockett set as a house warming gift. We all had fun taking a turn.

I just love how the whole area turned out. People had a great time, and we got to use our new picnic table. Though we did get a comment that our back yard looked more like a park... and that's why we love it here!

So... We took a vacation to Virginia beach and the outer banks for our June anniversary. We had a great time: here's a few snapshots...

"Happy 6th anniversary Doug!"

So I've been trying to redo the front walkway to the house and a few other odd jobs around the house. Here's my progress so far:
Our vegetable garden:Herbs and tomatoes in my kitchen window.Our strawberry patch:Our Apple tree:
"Goodbye summer!"

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